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          Handling robot ABB -IRB6700

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          • Details


          IRB 6700-150/3.20
          Number of axes: 6
          Load: 150kg
          Working range: 3200mm
          Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.1mm
          Protection grade standard: IP67
          Protection level matching: Foundry Expert II
          Installation method: landing
          DressPack option: LeanID
          Body weight: 1170-1280 kg
          Main applications: assembly, cutting/deburring, grinding/polishing, loading and unloading, material handling, spraying, spot welding
          Energy consumption: 2.85kw
          As a new generation of technologically advanced products, the seventh-generation large-scale robot has many improvements and enhancements. These improvements are mainly due to detailed analysis of customer needs and extensive engineering research. Compared with the previous version it replaces, IRB 6700 is more robust and simplified in maintenance. It is the robot with the best performance and the lowest total cost of ownership (TOC) in the 150-300kg load class.

          Dongguan Yuda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Dongguan Yuda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Dongguan Yuda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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