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          Handling robot ABB IRB2600

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          • Details


          IRB 2600-20/1.65
          Number of axes: 6
          Load: 20kg
          Working range: 1650mm
          Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.04mm
          Version: Universal version, casting version
          Protection grade standard: IP68
          Protection level matching: Foundry Expert II
          Installation method: floor, wall, oblique, inverted, bracket
          Body weight: 272kg
          Main applications: arc welding, assembly, cleaning/spraying, cutting, extrusion, loading and unloading, material handling, packaging
          The second model of the "Edge Generation" robot, IRB 2600, comes out with enhanced innovative functions. This model has a compact body, strong load capacity, and optimized design, suitable for target applications such as arc welding, material handling, loading and unloading. Three sub-models are available, which are flexible Choose floor, wall, bracket, oblique, inverted installation methods.
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