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          Flat welding headset

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          Product: Flat mask welding headset

          Use Mask earband welding

          Material: steel and aluminum

          Machine power: 6.2kw/h

          Voltage: 220V

          Output: 800+,120+pcs/min

          Machine specifications: 1.9m*0.95m*1.4m

          Weight: 600kg

          Servo motor: 7 servo

          Spot: Yes


          Features of welding headset with mask on outer ear:

          1. The design of the machine is small and flexible, and the operation is simple and convenient.

          2. It can be used for welding flat outer ear masks

          3. The mask is made by this system, and it is manually put into the ear strap for welding, which is easy to operate and the joints are firm and beautiful.

          4. It can be connected with the mask filming machine, and can also be equipped with an automatic feeder.

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