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          YASKAWA welding robot

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          • Details
          6-axis vertical multi-joint type
          Load: 12KG
          Motion range: 2010mm
          Control cabinet: YRC1000
          Uses: arc welding, laser processing, handling, other
          Pursuing high productivity, a new type of robot was born to simplify the process, innovate in structure, performance, and function, and improve the freedom of movement and the size and compactness of the body.
          ?("MOTOMAN-AR2010" or "MOTOMAN-MA2010") achieved the highest acceleration compared to that, and made a positive contribution to improving customer productivity
          ?Using a hollow arm structure, you can choose the internal wiring or external wiring of the welding torch cable, which can be equipped with the work and equipment of the customer esigned to reduce the interference between the arm and peripheral equipment. Contribute to the space saving of equipment.
          Dongguan Yuda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
          ?Dongguan Yuda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
          Dongguan Yuda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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